I help boss babes get healthy, glowing skin, using safe and effective techniques and botanical-based products in soothing and rejuvenating facial treatments.

Hi there. My name is Vangie Ogg (pronounced VAN-jee AHG). 

I'm a licensed esthetician in Los Angeles, formerly known in my community as an award-winning portrait photographer for many  years.

My path towards esthetics began a couple of years ago. While digitally retouching portraits, removing blemishes and making skin look near-perfect in photos, I was inspired to learn more about skin care. It has become my obsession. I've been studying with seasoned skin care therapists and meeting the most amazing leaders in the industry, and it's been an incredible journey from the beginning. 

I hope to build a community in which we support each other by promoting physical and emotional well-being, starting with skin care.

My aim is to give the best facial treatments and share valuable knowledge with those who want to understand and care for their unique skin type.

I look forward to seeing you in my treatment room.