that is SO last summer

summer of '09 recap. fencing lessons. piano lessons. gaming camp. rowing camp. crafting the essay online. guitar lessons. baseball. beach. master bath repainting. lots of swimming. fourth of july bbq. s'mores in the firepit. ian's new lounge. thomas' new lair. oc fair. tears for fears. in-laws' 50th anniversary. sleepovers. bye bye birdie. dragon boat race. poolside movies. san diego. but not legoland. and yes, disneyland. 

more boys

lately i've been shooting more families with tween boys. i think it's so awesome, because most kids, especially boys this age, dread having their photos taken. but parents, my advice...just talk it up! let them know how much fun it's going to be. dress them in something they will be comfortable wearing. no need for everything to match and color-coordinate. just bring them in! because before you know it, time has passed and all you have are the school pictures that rarely show their fun and quirky side. and they are just that.

meet the very charming keller family...