back to the grind

back to our school routine.

here's the 8th grader. the glasses are new. and you know what else is new? he's dropping chorus/chorale for journalism. i'm kinda sad about this, but happy that he wants to continue with vocal training. and that we found an awesome voice teacher. 

in addition to journalism, this year he will tackle: Accelerated Language Arts, Accelerated US History, Algebra 1-2, and Accelerated Science. whew. oh, and there is soccer.

and the 10th grader. on the school calendar this year: Accelerated English 3-4, Intermediate Algebra 3-4, AP World History, Chemistry 1-2 Honors, French 3-4, and Guitar 3-8. the track team. i am scared. for me.

wish us luck.

and here they both are on the front porch. where we've been taking the same photo every year on the first day of school.

start praying for me now.