anniversary :: 17 years

17 years. that's how long i've been married to my best friend. we decided to head out to palm springs to celebrate this momentous occasion. without the kids. kinda nice. but. if you are a parent. you know what a pain it is to make arrangements so you have care in place for the kids, dogs, the house, was well worth it. had a late start since we couldn't leave until after T's baseball game was over. my aunt was kind enough to stay with the boys and make sure homework was done over the weekend.

we arrived in palm springs at almost midnight, temperature was hovering about 90 degrees. very nice. and we arrived at the most enchanting place in the desert. hands down. i almost don't want to share. but here it goes...we were greeted at the lobby, if you can call it that, by a gentleman who proceeded to give us a brief history of the place and to show us the common areas. he mentioned something about huevos rancheros in the morning, as well as a complimentary yoga class, before sending us on our way to our room. awesome.

just beyond this fire pit is a wooden deck with pillows scattered about and the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" was being projected onto the low white wall to the right. it was just charming.

the pool in the mediterranean side of the property:

the view from my bed first thing the next day:

on the itinerary:

The River: movie (I Love You, Man), shopping and lunch at the Yard House 

Dinner at Chop House

and of course, chillin' out, poolside at Korakia Pensione

massage by the amazing Nyoka

and for the first time ever for me--outdoor yoga!

An amazing weekend.