Isabelle and Lilia :: portraits, possible summer activites

i've got a few portrait sessions to blog, and a couple that i'm still editing (thanks for your patience Heather, Lisa and Nia!) the boys are on their last week of Young Writers Camp so i'm scrambling to line up "activities" to keep them occupied the rest of their summer vacation. A few that we are considering (because they appeal to me and possibly to tween-aged boys):

1. OC Fair
2. take the Metrolink to Hollywood to see Wicked
3. Disneyland/California Adventure
4. Griffith Observatory -- i haven't been since they reopened!
5. Venice Beach -- get henna tatoos! (already a summer tradition in this family)
6. see the Stick House
7. Comic-con in San Diego
8. Tiki Beach Festival
9. Hula and Chant Competition
and finally,
10. camping in Northern Cal (possibly St. Helena - to visit friends and explore the wine country)

what about you? what's lined up for the rest of the summer? have you been to any of the above venues? i'd love to hear comments and suggestions.

and of course, here are the lovely Isabelle and Lilia...sweet little things...

cota-0001.jpg cota-0008.jpg cota-0018.jpg cota-0024.jpg cota-0029.jpg

happy monday!