Polaroid PoGo™

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the gadget geek that i am, i couldn't help but shriek with delight when i found out about this VERY COOL THING. i, like many, was very sad about polaroid's decision to discontinue the production of instant film. am so glad they will now have something worthy of its replacement:)

what is it exactly?

Polaroid PoGo™ – short for Polaroid-on-the-go – is a pocket-sized, inkless digital photo printer that produces full-color photos wirelessly from cell phones and via PictBridge from digital cameras.

retail price is about $149 according to los angeles magazine.

simple, right? i'll post a review and let you know. release date is as follows:

printer available at:
Best Buy July 6th 2008
Target July 22nd 2008
Staples Aug 2008
Verizon Aug 2008
Circuit City Fall 2008
Sam's Club Fall 2008

media (the paper) will be sold at:
CVS Fall 2008
Rite-Aid Fall 2008
Walgreens Fall 2008