are you a bixby knolls or cal heights resident?

do you want to see improvements on atlantic ave? more businesses, less vacancies? i personally think a GAP store would do wonders for this lovely little neighborhood where we take pride in all the work we've done on our homes.

why the high rate of turnover and vacancies? read on...

Dear Bixby Knolls Friends and Neighbors,

PLEASE, this is an important time for us to take responsibility for potential improvements in Bixby Knolls. If you do nothing else, please come to the North PAC monthly meeting this week and show those that hold the purse strings that you care.

The North PAC is the community advisory board to the Redevelopment Agency (RDA). The RDA budgets roughly $40 million annually to spend on various redevelopment projects throughout North Long Beach. The Bixby Knolls business district is part of the North Long Beach redevelopment area. It was RDA money that gave us the medians along Atlantic Avenue, partnered on many of the facade improvements we have seen, installed the new stop lights at Marshall and Cartegena, etc. They have also allocated approx $5 million for the redevelopment of the Gaska center at San Antonio and Atlantic.

The bottom line is, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. And BK, Los Cerritos and Cal Heights residents have not only not squeaked enough, but we really have not been showing up. After attending a number of North PAC meetings in the past year, we have found that the North PAC is not very interested in supporting any further redevelopment and growth along the Bixby Knolls business corridors. By default, it becomes very easy for them to ignore our business district if we're not there letting them know that we care, we're interested and we want to see further redevelopment. It has also been said by key individuals that the we, the area residents, are actually the problem. That we don't care enough about our neighborhood to support the business on Atlantic Ave and Long Beach Blvd. We need to demonstrate that they are WRONG. There needs to be a perception shift at the North PAC. The only way to do that is for the good people who care about the Bixby Knolls business corridors to come to the North PAC meetings regularly and voice our interest in redevelopment of our business district to become attractive, vibrant and pedestrian friendly. Please do not take this lightly - it is critical that we show up in numbers. If you know anyone else who cares about this - and don't we all? - please invite them to come to these meetings. If you have any questions, just let me know.

The North PAC meetings are held at the North Division police substation next to Scherer Park on Atlantic Ave. The next meeting is this Thursday, June 26th at 6:30pm.

There will be a 5:45 pm pre-meeting at the Jacobs home, located at 4020 Linden Avenue, to briefly discuss how we can best represent our interests at this and future meetings.

It is critical that we are on-time for the North PAC meeting. The opportunity for us to address the North PAC advisory board is always at the beginning of the meeting. Please plan on being at our home at 5:45pm for a quick 15-20 minute pre-meeting and then we will all head over for the 6:30 meeting.

Best regards,

Richard and Cheryl Jacobs

4020 Linden Avenue
562 712 4049 cell

More information HERE.