il poggio

on our way to bake n broil for lunch last week, craig says, hold up! let's try that new italian place, i had to slam on the brakes as to not miss the turn to park behind the building. we were impressed enough with the food and service, that we returned a couple days later for dinner to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary.


that's a good sign, craig says, as we see a group of italian-speaking septuagenarians take their seats at the restaurant


i highly recommend this scrumptious ravioli porcini we shared...


but not this panini...

the bread was a little dry, and there was just not enough stuff in between. at our anniversary dinner, we got the gnocchi and the spaghetti with beef ragu. both were excellent.

i'm writing this from philadelphia, ending my long weekend trip with family to attend my cousin's graduation ceremonies. stay tuned for photos of my adventures in the city of brotherly love.