Hi there. My name is Vangie Ogg (pronounced VAN-jee AHG). 

I'm an award-winning photographer in Los Angeles, working with families, kids, business professionals and entrepreneurs, musicians and actors since 1990. I am genuinely curious and fascinated by the people I have the opportunity to meet. I have the ability to make a person comfortable in front of my camera and in turn tell their story in compelling images. This is one of my greatest assets and how I find magic in the everyday.

My path towards esthetics began in 2016. While digitally retouching portraits, removing blemishes and making skin look near-perfect in photos, I was inspired to learn more about skin care. It has become my obsession. I've been studying with the best instructors and meeting the most amazing people in the industry in the last year. I look forward to being a licensed esthetician in March 2018.

I aim to give the best facial treatments and share valuable knowledge with those who want to understand and care for their unique skin type.

I'm combining my interests here for now until it no longer makes sense to do so. For sure, a work in progress.

I would love to hear from you.