Hi there. My name is Vangie Ogg (pronounced VAN-jee AHG). 

I'm an award-winning photographer in Los Angeles, training to be a licensed esthetician. All these years of digitally retouching portraits, removing blemishes and making skin look near-perfect in photos, inspired me to explore the world of skin care. You could say it's become my obsession.

Likely on repeat in my Spotify playlist: anything by Prince, classical guitar solos, sprinkled with some Bruno Mars dance tracks. As a lifelong Angeleno, I'm emotionally invested in the outcome of every Dodger game. (Go, Blue!) If you follow my silly Instagram feed and stories, you are likely to come across photos and videos of my daily adventures with my sweet, elderly Chihuahua-Min Pin, Harley.

I'm combining my interests here for now until it no longer makes sense to do so. For sure, a work in progress.

I would love to work with you soon! Thanks for stopping by.